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Kava Kava Ceremony

Traditional Preparation of Kava Kava

With Yoga Nidra and Ho’oponopono

Have you ever tried Kava Kava? It’s roots are spicy and numbing to the taste, and the effect in the body is one of deep relaxation. I love working with Kava as a sleep aid, pain reliever and to reduce anxiety, but I also love to use it ceremonially, and especially in combination with Yoga Nidra, which is the “Sleep of the Yogis”. The combination produces quite the effect on the body and can help the practitioner to access the deeper layers of relaxation, and give way to the more profound layers of the subconscious realm.

Our ceremony will begin with a traditional preparation of Kava Kava, followed by the Hawaiian forgiveness practice of Ho’oponopono. This powerful practice can help to bring our lives back into balance (pono), when something is out of alignment. We will then move into defining and refining our “Sankalpa (spiritual intention)” as we prepare for Yoga Nidra, a system of deep relaxation and meditation that accesses our innermost awareness, on a subconscious and sometimes unconscious level. This is a place where profound healing can occur.

Energies from the New Moon in Aqaurius on Jan. 21st will be woven into the ceremony and practice. A perfect way to begin a New Year and Lunar Cycle.

Please join me January 22, 2:30-5:00 at the Chico Holistic Wellness Center. No experience necessary. Please CLICK HERE for more info on Kava Kava, it’s uses, effects and contraindications.

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