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Cheri’s Current Yoga Classes

Cheri is currently teaching at Yoga Center of Chico, located at 250 Vallombrosa, Unit 150, Chico, CA

4:00pm- Gentle/Restorative
5:30pm- Heated Hatha Flow

5:30pm- Candlelight Yoga


4:00pm- Gentle Hatha Flow
5:30pm- Hatha Flow w/ Aromatherapy

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Class Descriptions:

Hatha Flow: Classical postures linked together in a flowing sequence with focus on alignment and breath.

Gentle/Restorative: A relaxing and restorative class using bolsters, blocks and blankets to assist in postures with emphasis on support and relaxation.

Heated Hatha Flow: Hatha flow in a heated room to promote detoxification through sweat and to facilitate deeper stretching. Room temperature is about 90-95 degrees.

Candlelight Yoga: A slower Hatha flow class with with the use of props, relaxing music and candlelight for ambience, followed by a short meditation at the end.