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Meditation Mini-Retreat March 1-10, 2019


Learn to meditate, deepen your practice, or simply enjoy the benefits of group mediation with this 10 day Meditation Mini-Retreat, led by Cheri Neal.

March 1-10, 6-7am at Yoga Center of Chico

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Have you wanted to try meditation, but aren’t sure where to start? Have you been intrigued by the practice but haven’t quite found the discipline? Are you an “on again, off again” meditator and just need a little inspiration to get you started again? This Meditation Mini-Retreat is designed to give meditators with little or no experience the foundation to begin a successful and life-long practice, and people with some experience a little boost in their discipline.

This 10-day experience gives participants a different technique each day, mostly in the Buddhist practice of Vipassana, or insight meditation. You will be able to find what techniques work for you, learn about some common pitfalls, as well as enjoy support from fellow practitioners.