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Meditation Mini-Retreat


meditation-retreat-december-2016-2Please join our 10-day Meditation Mini-Retreat in December!

We will meet at Yoga Center of Chico from 6-7am the first 10 days of December. The objective of this mini-retreat is to give new meditators a solid foundation of different techniques to practice meditation, as well as infusing the experience with a level of commitment and discipline which will help create more consistency in a home practice.

This mini-retreat is also appropriate for anyone wishing to develop or deepen their existing meditation practice and give an opportunity to practice in a group setting. We gain support, inspiration and momentum when we practice as a group, and can often create a deeper sense of connection to each other.

We will be learning some Buddhist terminology and psychology concepts, as well as practicing sitting, walking, mindfulness meditation and breath work (Pranayama). We will explore a number of other techniques that one can use to calm and center oneself in the midst of perceived chaos, techniques that are used to ground oneself and access deeper awareness and wisdom.

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And check out this wonderful article written by a past mini-retreat participant, describing her experience!

Hope to see you December 1st!