Spring Cleaning Workshop

As the ground starts to warm up, and the earthworms start to wriggle beneath the soil, we too are feeling the pull to stretch our limbs. We are being coaxed out of our little refuges, and back out into the world. Are you feeling ready?

Join me Sunday, March 12 from 12-3 to prepare your body, mind and spirit for the blossoming energy of spring. We will have a short talk about fasting and cleansing, clearing out old energy, and sweeping out the proverbial cobwebs or Winter. How can we best use the energy of the full moon and the Spring equinox to help bring us to a place of clarity and connection?

We will mirror the seasonal transition through our Asana practice- moving from the quiet, introverted energy of the Winter to the more expansive, expressive, and detoxifying energy of Spring.

Please pre-register at clients.mindbodyonline.com