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Seated Figure Four


Seated Figure Four or Eka Pada Utkatasana is a wonderful standing balance pose as well as a deep hip opener.

Start in Tadasana (mountain pose) and begin to soften both knees. Bring palms to connect at the heart center. Slowly shift your weight into your left leg as you bend even more deeply into the left knee. Draw in at the low belly and lift the right foot a few inches from the floor. Once you have established your balance, bring the right ankle across the left thigh, right above the knee. Allow the right knee to draw back slightly, fusing the ankle to the thigh for more stability. Deepen the bend of the standing leg to the point of healthy resistance in the outer right hip and take a few breaths here. As your body indicates readiness, raise both arms above the head, upper arms right along side the ears. Smile!