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Love Letters

Dearest Students of In Motion Fitness,

I miss you. I miss your presence, your dedication to your practice, your openness. I miss your lovely smiles and glowing energy. I miss at 10:45 and I miss you at noon. I miss you at 8am for meditation and I miss you at 6:45 to get tropical. But I digress. To miss something is to be apart from something and that separateness from you that I sometimes feel is just an illusion. You are all still in my heart now and always. The imprint that you have left on my life continues to amaze me.
Here in New York, I am the outsider, the new girl. Eyes full of scrutiny, hearts full of doubt and minds full of discontent fill my classes. It reminds me of the true meaning of the word “Yoga”. Yoga is not just Asana. It is a practice in finding peace. It is a way to confront the discontent in our hearts. It is a way to still the body in order to observe the mind. It is a daily practice- not just on the mat but ALWAYS. Always practice mindfulness, always practice observance, always practice compassion, contentment, loving kindness, patience and awareness.
Discontent, restlessness, and judgement reflect in our bodies. It is easy to spot! On the same token, peacefulness, openness and contentment also shine through in our faces and bodies. These things become our Mudra, the physical manifestations of the heart and mind. It is my job to look at not only your bodies, postures and the nuances of alignment, but also to observe the energetic body and how your posture or Mudra reflects either the flowing or blocking of that energy. We literally ARE what we think about! Our thoughts and feelings have the power to heal us or to lead us into disease.
Having said this, I want to thank you all from the depths of my heart. Thank you for putting your trust in me. Thank you for your open spirit. Thank you for allowing me to lead you for so many years. Thank you for your presence. Thank you for all of your hard work. Thank you for showing me your patience and compassion when I needed it, for showing your fellow students the same. This is YOGA!
Please continue to practice yoga. Not just Asana. And remember to greet all of your teachers with the same receptivity and willingness you showed me, because they just might be the “New Girl”. Besides, malcontent doesn’t look good on anyone. ☺


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