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Love Letters

Dearest students and beloved clients of Shelter Island,

I am writing you from my apartment in Mallorca, Spain. Second story, overlooking the pool and garden below, the calm waters of the Mediterranean in the distance. The sounds of the crickets are carried through my windows on the last breath of summer. Summer. I suppose I never really knew the importance of this season until I spent a summer on Shelter Island. As a Californian, I realize now that my appreciation for the season pales in comparison to the New Yorker.

Never before in my yoga career have I met a group of people more in need of a fun, relaxing, yoga filled summer. A break from the city, the grind, the pressure, the hustle. What I observed though, is that just because the sun is shining and there is wind in the sails, doesn’t mean that it’s that easy to switch gears and soften into the season. Once a shell is hardened by the cold it becomes difficult to penetrate.

Over the course of the summer, I had the opportunity to really get to know some of you. I want to, first of all, thank you for opening your hearts to me and allowing me to see your sweet and sensetive souls. I can imagine that in such a stressful, competitive, and high pressure environment, that it might be difficult to trust, accept and open up to a new person. I am touched deeply that you did trust and accept me and I thank you from the fathoms of my heart. You reminded me, in my moments of insecurity and doubt, that I had made the right choice to come to New York. You reminded me that we are all human and that we are are bound together by this experience. You reminded me in my moments of fear and anger the importance of compassion. You reminded me that even the hardest of shells hold the sweetest of contents. I saw myself in your reflection, and in that reflection, I saw the capability that we all have to open our hearts just a little bit wider.

You are the reason I am where I am at this exact moment. I literally wouldn’t have made it here with out you. As the days get shorter, the air a bit chillier, as the kids start school and perhaps as you try to squeeze in one last sail, may your heart still be filled with the sunshine of the summer. And remember that I am here reflecting from afar all the love you have given me, in the hopes that it might warm your heart when the weather gets cold.

Love, Cheri


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