Yoga Nidra

Coined as the “Sleep of the Yogis”, “Divine Sleep”, or “Inner Beauty Sleep”, Yoga Nidra is gaining popularity, and for good reason.

Yoga Nidra is a practice, and also a state of being. It is the place between awake and asleep, where the body is totally relaxed, and the mind still conscious, but not active. In this state, we have the opportunity to unravel tension, both deep and superficial, and to begin to address behavioral patterns and even trauma that is being stored deep within our subconscious.

Please join me for an immersive experience– an hour of Asana, followed by 50 minutes of Yoga Nidra. You can choose either Hatha Yoga or Restorative Yoga as your Asana practice. Or choose both!

Upcoming Comprehensive Practice (at Yoga Center of Chico):

Saturday August 17, 12-2pm Hatha/Nidra

Sunday August 18, 12-2pm Restorative/Nidra

$40 for each or $75 for both sessions

Contact Cheri Neal to reserve your space

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